When planning for retirement, GTG Capital Partners can advise you or strategies to maximise your assets for retirement and structure them so that they are tax effective, and maximise any Centrelink entitlements that you are entitled to receive.


Many Australians want to maintain an active lifestyle in retirement and fund things like travel. With life expectancy increasing, it is now more important than ever to plan for your retirement.

Key considerations of retirement planning include:


  • How do you want to live your life in retirement?

  • What income will you need to fund lifestyle expenses in retirement?

  • What level of asset do you need to fund your desired level of income?

  • How long will your assets last?

  • What is the most tax effective way to generate your retirement income?

  • What are you social security entitlements?

Going into retirement, your needs and objectives as well as government legislation may change. An important part of planning for retirement is also the ongoing advice into retirement to ensure that you are up to date with any changes.


It’s a common misconception that retirement planning should only be done in the period immediately before someone is about to retire. In reality, at least five to 10 years before clients retire is the time to critically assess whether they can afford the retirement lifestyle they envisage.


Without some preparation, it is unlikely that their lifestyle expectations will be fulfilled.



To discuss your retirement plans with a GTG Capital Partners Adviser, please contact us here for more information.