Everyone has an Estate, and planning who you want your estate to go to and how you want it to be passed to them is an important part of the financial advice process.


A good estate plan will ensure that when you die, your assets are given to who you want to receive them, what you want them to receive and when you want them to receive it.


It will also help to avoid family disputes, protect your assets from creditors and ensure that you distribute your assets in the most tax effective manner possible.


You should review your estate plan (including your Will) regularly to ensure it remains up to date with your current wishes. To ensure that this remains the case you should carefully consider the following questions (where applicable):

  • Who should be the executor of my will?


  • Who should be appointed to make financial, personal and medical decisions on my behalf if I lose the capacity to make these decisions myself?


  • If my first named executor or attorney is not able to act, who would I appoint?


  • Other than my immediate family, are there any other individuals or entities I would like to leave part of my estate to?


  • In the unfortunate circumstances that I and my immediate family die together, who should my estate pass to?

  • Are there any specific wishes I would like noted?

GTG Capital Partners can provide you and your family with advice on estate planning structures to help you pass your assets where you want them to go and in the most tax effective manner possible.

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